Background Slider

This is not exactly a separate widget but a utility feature.
With this feature you can add background sliders to Sections and Columns. This will be just like placing a background image or video. So you can keep adding any other widgets inside your Section/Column.

To add a Background Slider to your Section/Column, go to Section/Column settings.

  • Go to AE Pro -> Background Slider
  • Click on "+ Add Images" to add images to slider. 
  • Now configure slider options
    • Image Size: Select Image Size
    • Initial Slide: Set some other slide as initial slide. Defaults to 0 for first slide
    • Transition: Choose slide transition
    • Animation: Choose the Kenburns animation style
    • Custom Overlay: Add custom overlay over slides. You can set color,image or gradient as overlay.
    • Overlay: Choose from predefined overlay images.
    • Cover: Specify whether image should cover the complete slider. 
    • Delay: Delay between each slide.
    • Timer: Enable/Disable progress bar at bottom of slider.

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