AE - Custom Field Map

Custom Field Map widget allows you to show Google Map from data saved in your custom field. It can be used in two modes.

Display Google Map using ACF's Google Map Field

In ACF create a field with Field Type as Google Map.  Now in widget do the following configuration.

  • Source:  Set this to ACF Google Map
  • Field Key: Slug/Key of field created in ACF
  • Height: Height of Map
  • Zoom: Zoom level of Map
  • Snazzy Style: You can apply styles from Snazzy Maps and give your maps a different touch. This is an optional field. If you leave it then it will just display your map in default Google Map theme. 




Display Google Map using Latitude and Longitude from custom fields

There is another method to show Google Maps using custom field data.
In this, you will have to create 3 custom fields to save following data required for the map. You can create these custom field using any custom field plugins. It can be ACF, Pods or Toolset

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Text Address

Now in widget do following settings.

  • Source: Custom Fields
  • Longitude: Key of custom field you have created to save longitude
  • Latitude: Key of custom field you have created to save latitude 
  • Address: Key of custom field created to save Address data.

All other settings are same as defined above. 

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