Display posts from ACF Relationship field using Post Block widget

This will require you to create Relationship Field for Post/Page/CPT using the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. 

You can find more details about ACF - Relationship Field here https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/relationship/

Follow steps below to show ACF Relationship Posts on Single Post LayoutDrag "AE - Post Block" widget at the desired location in your AE Template. Do the following configuration: 

    • Source: Relationship
    • Template: Select the Block Layout you have created to use in this widget. Know more about creating block layout.
    • Relationship Field: Name of the Relationship Field that you have created in ACF.
    • Also set "Return Format" to "Post ID". By default, it is set to Post Object. 
    • Do rest of the settings like order by, layouts, etc as per required
    • See the following screenshot for the configuration setup. 

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