Creating Post Slider/Carousel using AnyWhere Elementor Pro

You can use Post Blocks widget to create Post Slider.

Note: You will need "AnyWhere Elementor Pro" ver 2.8 or greater for this. 

The process of creating Post Slider using Post Block widget includes 2 stages. 

  • Preparing design of the individual slide (using Block Layout)
  • Using Block layout created in step above to create Post Slider or even carousel. 

Preparing layout of single Slide 

Here is a sample slide layout for reference. It includes Post Title, Post Excerpt, and a Read More button. 

Follow the steps below to design a block layout (layout for a Slide) 

  • Go to AE Template -> Add New 
  • Add a suitable title and do configuration as mentioned below. 
    • Render Mode: Block Layout
    • Preview Post: Select a post which you want to see as a preview while designing the layout in the Editor. 
  • Also, select Template as "Elementor Canvas" so that you will get the plain canvas to design the layout. 
  • Now click on "Edit with Elementor" to design this layout in Elementor editor. 
  • In Elementor drag widgets Title, Post Excerpt and Post Readmore. Place them and design as per your layout. 
  • You can add featured images to section background. 
  • Give proper height, padding to the main section of the slider. Make sure to design it all in one main section and used child section or columns as required. 

  • Once it is complete then just save and you can now exit this editor.  

  • It's half done. You have completed designing layout of a slide for your Post Slider. 

Adding Post Slider to your Page/Post

  • Open the page on which you want to add Post Slider in Elementor editor mode. 
  • Drag AE - Post Blocks widget at the desired location in your layout. 
  • Now you will see the Block layout you have created under Templates dropdown. 
  • Under "Query" section set all options to define the source of the Posts to be used in Slider. 

  • Under "Layout" section define the way you want to display your posts. 

  • There are multiple options available like Grid, List & Carousel. For Slider you will have to select Carousel and set the number of slides below to 1. 

  • Once you have selected Carousel as layout, you will see another section below "Carousel". There you will get a lot of other option to configure the carousel (like speed, navigation controls, effects etc. )

  • Configure these options as per your requirement. You will also get lot of styling options under Style tab to change color and size of slider controls.

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