AE - Author widget is used to display the Author details on your Post/Page.

It can display different types of Author data and you have full control over their display with style controls. 

  1. Data: Here you have options for the Author details which will be rendered on the frontend. You can display the following user data:
  • Author Avatar (Author Image)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • Nick Name of the Author
  • Biography 

   2. Show Link: It is used to enable link on content. Under this, there are three options i.e.

  • Author Link- In this, you can give the current Author Page link.
  • None- No link will be given under this. 
  • Post Link- Under this, you can give the current Post link. 

   3.  Size: you can increase or decrease the size of the icon.

  4. Alignment: Adjust the alignment of the content. 

  5. Overlay: You can also have an overlay over Author Avatar. There are 3 ways you can show the overlay. 
  • On Hover
  • Always
  • Never

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