How to Test Beta Release

Before each major release, we release a beta version to be tested by our actual users. 
Beta Releases are available to all the users who have an active subscription of the plugin. 

  • To test the beta release, login to your account at our store
  • Under My Account -> Downloads you will get the beta file to download.
  • Install it on your staging/development copy. Make sure to uninstall the previous install copy of the plugin before installing beta release.  
  • Make sure that you are using it on Development/Staging site. Never use it on a live site. The beta release might have some bugs and issue that can affect your live site. 
  • Provide your valuable feedback to us by sending an email at
  • If you have encountered any issue then try to provide as much as details about the issue so that we can recreate it at our end. 
  • If possible then provide the frontend URL to see the issue. And if it is something that requires admin access to look into the issue then it will be very helpful to have that also.

Your continuous support and feedback are very important to keep this product robust and evolving. 

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