AE - Title

AE-Title widget allows you to show the title of the post and also the Archive Title if used in Archive layouts.

It comes with various options and settings related to HTML Markup and styles.


  1. Title: Under this option you can select whether you want to display the post title or the archive title.

  2. Post Link: After selecting Post title you can choose whether to link Post Title with post's permalink or not.

  3. HTML Tag: Select html tag to wrap the title around post title

  4. Strip Title: It is used when you have a long title and you want to strip it.It can be enabled or disabled. If it is enabled it further give you more options 

    • Strip Mode: you can select to strip a word or a letter.
    • Strip size: it takes an numeric value representing number of words to be shown.
    • Append title:indicate what to append if Title needs to be trimmed.
  5. Alignment: Title can be aligned Left, Center and Right accordingly.
  6. You can also use lot of styling options available under style tab.

    Tip: Disable Post Link while using this widget for Single Post layout. It doesn't make any sense in have link to same page on your post title.

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