Using ACF Radio Button Field in AnyWhere Elementor Pro

To display data from ACF Radio Button Field, you will have to use AE - ACF Field widget
You can display data from single select as well as multi-select fields.

Note: Same process applies for ACF Select Fields, Checkbox Fields, and Button Group Fields


Make sure that the  Return Format of ACF Radio Button field is set to Value in ACF Backend field settings. 

Widget Settings

  • FieldType: To display the data from ACF Radio Button Field, it should be set to Radio Button.
  • Source: Select from where you want to fetch the data. Post Field if the field is a Post Field or select Term Field to display data from ACF Term Fields. Term field works only for designing Taxonomy Archive layouts. 
  • Field: Field name/slug
  • Is Sub Field: Select only if you are designing repeater block layout.
  • Display Data: Choose where you want to display Key or Label for selected option.
  • Show All Options/Choices: Enable this to display all the options along with the selected option(s). Unselected options will be displayed as strike-out text by default. You can alter this by changing its style from dedicated options given under Styles tab. 
  • Layout: Choose Vertical (list) or Horizontal layout. 
  • Align: Horizontal alignment.
  • Icon: Icon to be displayed before Checked/Selected option.
  • Icon (Unchecked): Icon to be displayed before Unchecked/Non Selected option.
  • Divider: Enable divider line in between multiple items. You will get more styling options for divider under Style Tab. 
  • Separator: Instead of standard divider lines, you can also place your own separator like comma, slash etc. Just type the required separator. 

Sample Layouts

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