AE - Portfolio

AE- Portfolio is a collection of Post, Pages, Categories or anything which have individual pages to be displayed 

It provides four options to create a portfolio.



  1. Source: Here you need to select the content for which you want to create a portfolio. Content can be anything like a post, pages, categories, etc.

  2. Block Layout: Here you can select the layout in which you want your portfolio content to appear. A list of all the layout created by you will be displayed.

  3. Authors:  Select the author's name whose post you want to display.

  4. Categories: Select the category whose post/page you want to display.

  5. Tags: To display posts associated with a particular tag.

  6. Formats: Specify the name of the format created to display post content. 

  7. Order By: In this, you can order your source for which you want to create a portfolio in a certain manner. You can use different options like Date, Title, etc to filter your post.

  8. Order: It sort your post in ascending or descending order based on the criteria selected in Order By option.

  9. Post Count: You can use the Post Count option to display a specific number of posts on a single page. It takes a numeric value which signifies the number of posts to be displayed at a time. 

  10. Offset: Use this setting to skip over posts (e.g. "2" to skip over 2 posts).


  1. Layout Mode: Here you can choose whether you want to display your portfolio design in a list or in a grid format.

  2. Masonry: It is used to present the images seamlessly.

  3. Pagination: Here you can choose if you want page numbers to be displayed or not.

  4. Columns: You can specify the number of columns you want to display containing posts as a portfolio.

  5. Column Gap: Here you can specify the amount of space is to be kept between columns.

  6. Row Gap: Amount of space to be kept within two individual rows.


If you have selected the Pagination option in the layout then you have more settings available.

  1. Show Prev/Next: Select or deselect it if you want to display the next and previous buttons on your portfolio page.

  2. Previous Text: Here you can give any name to your previous button.

  3. Next Text: You can give any other name to your next button.

  4. Page Limit: It signifies the maximum number of pages that can be included in your portfolio.

  5. Alignment: Alignment can be set Left, Center, and Right.

Filter Bar

It is a bar that is displayed on the top of your portfolio content.

  1. Show Filter Bar: You can choose whether you want to display the filter bar or not.

  2. Taxonomy: Here you can select the content which you want to be displayed on the filter bar. All your created Taxonomies list is displayed from which you can choose.

  3. Show All: If you want to display all the content of the selected taxonomy in a single tab you can use it.

  4. Tab 'All'Text: Here you can assign a name to the Show All tab.

  5. Align: Alignment can be given to the Filter Bar accordingly like left, center, right.

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