AE - Post Blocks

AE - Post Blocks widget gives you almost complete freedom on how your post list or grid can look.
In Post Block widget you can design layout (Block Template) of individual post item in AE Template and that layout will be used for all post item rendered using this widget.
In designing Block Template you can use other available widgets to show post data.

If you have used Post widget of "Elementor Pro" then you will find it very much similar. Only but major difference is that there are not much designing options available to alter design of post items. Layout of individual post item will be controlled from AE Template (See how to create Block Layout to use in Post Blocks widget)

Once you have AnyWhere Elementor Pro installed and Activated, you will see bunch of new widgets in Elementor's widget panel. "AE Post Blocks" will be one of them. Drag it wherever you want to show it.



  • Source: Select the source post type to fetch posts. If you choose manual selection, you will get further option to choose posts manually. It can be post, page, product (if woocommerce is installed) or any other custom post type.
  • Template: Select the Block Layout you have already created (Create Block Layout)

Some other options are also available to filter posts based on category, tags or custom taxonomies.

  • Order By: In this you can order your post a certain manner. You can use different options like Date,Title etc to filter your post.
  • Order: It sort your post in ascending or descending order based on the criteria selected in Order By option.
  • Post Count : You can use the Post Count option to display a specific number of posts on a single page. It takes a numeric value which signifies the number of post to be displayed at a time. 


  • Layout Mode: Select the layout you want. Available layouts - Grid, List, Smart Grid, Carousel, Checker Board.
  • Columns: Number of columns (available in grid layout)
  • Column Gap: Gap between column (available in grid layout)
  • Row Gap: Gap between rows. 


Post Block widget also has ajax pagination. You can enable/disable or control pagination structure from options under pagination section.

  • Show Pagination: Enable/Disable pagination
  • Show Prev/Next: Choose whether to show previous-next links at beginning and end of pagination.
  • Previous Text: Text to show on previous link.
  • Next Text: Text to show on next link 
  • Alignment: Alignment of pagination

Along with above options there are lot more under style section where you can control various option related to look and feel of the widget like border, background , box shadow. 
Also there is option to set background color of overlay that loads when using ajax pagination.

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