Create search page layout using Elementor

  • Go to AE Template -> Add new to create a new AE Template which will be used for search layout.
  • Do the following settings for AE Template
    • Render Mode: Search Template
    • Enable Canvas: Select this if you want to use the Elementor canvas for the search page.
  • Edit it with Elementor
  • To display search keyword and result count you can use the following shortcode with the text editor widget of Elementor
    • [AE_SEARCH_KEY]: to show search keyword
    • [AE_SEARCH_COUNT]: to show search result count

      Sample Use: 
      You have searched for [AE_SEARCH_KEY]
      [AE_SEARCH_COUNT] results found.
  • For search results, you will have to use AE - Post Blocks widget with the following configuration.
    • Source: Current Archive
    • Template: Your created Block Layout
  • You won't be able to preview the result part, so temporarily switch the Source in AE - Post Blocks to "Posts". This will show you all posts. 
    Configure rest of the settings of Post Blocks widget and once done switch back source to "Current Archive"
  • DONE!! Now search on your site and your search page will reflect this design.
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