AE ACF Gallery

Advanced Custom Field Pro (ACF Pro) provided a powerful gallery field to upload multiple images. Read more about the ACF Gallery field here
You can display images from these ACF Gallery fields using the AE - ACF Gallery widget. 
With this, you have an option to display multiple images in the form of a grid or carousel.

AE - ACF Gallery has many Layout options through which you can adjust the setting according to your creativity level.

Skin: Skins define the way you want to show the images. There are two modes available - Grid & Carousel.


Options available for Grid Skin

  • Custom Field Name: In this, you have to enter the field name.
  • Image Size: Select the image size for your gallery.
  • Lightbox: With this option, the Gallery images will be displayed by filling the screen and dimming out the rest of the Post/page. 
  • Columns: Here, you have to input the size of the column you want for your grid format.
  • Masonry Layout: It is used to present the images seamlessly.
  • Gutter: With a gutter option, you can create space between two columns.


Options available for Carousel Skin

  • Slides Per View: Here, you can add slides to your Carousel according to the pictures you are adding to the gallery.


  • Speed: You can increase/decrease the speed of your Carousel slides.
  • Autoplay: Enable Autoplay, and it will automatically play The gallery as you open your Post/Page.
  • Duration: Here, you can decide the duration of your autoplay slides.
  • Effects: Choose the Effect of your Carousel, which will be shown on the front end, i.e., Slides, Coverflow.
  • Space Between Slides:  you can increase/decrease the space between two slides from this option.
  • Loop: It will continuously play the Carousel in a loop.
  • Zoom: In this, the Carousel images will be displayed in the zoom mode.


  • Pagination Type: add a type for the Pagination, i.e., Bullets, None, Fractions, Progress. This will be shown at the bottom of your gallery.
  • Previous/Next Button: From this, you can add the Previous/Next Button to your gallery to move the gallery images.
  • Keyboard Images: Here, you can control your gallery from the keyboard buttons.
  • Scrollbar: If you enable this, then the scrollbar will be visible at the bottom of your gallery.

Note:- The return format Image Array is supported for the Gallery Field Type.


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