AE - Taxonomy Block

AE-Taxonomy Block is used to display the terms from the custom taxonomies in a block-wise manner. Thus it gives you the freedom to arrange your content in a certain fashion. It has a certain pre-designed layout that can be used to create different layouts for you created taxonomies.


  1. Skin: Here you can choose the design in which you want your blocks to appear. It provides you with three options to choose from (Classic, Card, List).
  2. Source: Select the source for which you are creating a taxonomy block.
  3. Hide Empty: If you do not want to display empty taxonomy elements you can use this option.



  1. Column: Here you can specify the number of columns you want to display on a single page containing taxonomy terms.
  2. Row Gap: Here you can give space between rows.
  3. Minimum Height: Height can be assigned to the column.

  1. Show Title:  Enable it if you want to display title.
  2. Html Tag: Various Html tags can be used.
  3. Strip Title: It is used when you have a long title and you want to strip it. It can be enabled or disabled. If it is enabled it further gives you more options 
    • Strip Mode: You can select to strip a word or a letter.
    • Strip size: It takes a numeric value representing the number of words to be shown.
    • Append title: Indicate what to append if the Title needs to be trimmed.
  4. Enable Link: It is used if you want to assign a link to your block when you click on it.
  5. Open in a new tab: You can use it if you want to open the taxonomy block in a new separate window.

Overlay Title:
  1. Enable Link: It is used if you want to assign an overlay link to your block when you click on it.
  2. Show image: An image can be given to the blocks.


  1. Show Image: Enable it to display a custom image to each taxonomy block.
  2. Image Type: You can display a default image or you can choose custom field option to display an image on each individual block.
  3. Custom Field key: Give the name of the custom field containing the image.
  4. Image Size: Select the size of the image like large, medium, small, etc.
  5. Enable Image Ratio: You can set a ratio between the height and widget of the image.


  1. Show Count: It displays the count of posts associated with the particular taxonomy.
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